The Orange Hut is a sonic research facility operating out of the South East of the UK.


At The Orange Hut we are interested in developing novel methodologies and tools for sound creation and composition. Having a strong background in empirical research, we take inspiration from scientific and mathematical concepts to create ‘sonic arrangements’ and ‘sound art’ that explores abstract ideas. We believe that art and science enable each other to deepen their respective expressions of reality.

Being particularly inspired by the works of people such as Joseph Fourier, Dennis Gabor, Edward Lorenz, Steven Smale, Harry Swinney, Jerry Gollub, Maurice Marie Alfred Couette, Otto Rössler, Jules Henri Poincaré, Michel Hénon, David Ruelle, Mitchell Feigenbaum, Paul Stein, Robert McRedie May, Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor, Benoît Mandelbrot, Gaston Julia, Georg Cantor, Kurt Gödel, Ludwig Boltzmann, et al., we lean toward exploring novel ideas by modelling and sonifying types of dynamical systems within Max and the open source software programs Pure Data and SuperCollider to create unconventional tonal pallets and sonic arrangements.

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

Albert Einstein

Chaos as seen within a Strange Attractor system. This is plot of the trajectory Lorenz system for values ρ = 28, σ = 10, β = 8/3.


We collaborate with artists and multimedia companies to create sound that powerfully and aesthetically compliments their vision. We methodically adapt to each of our unique client’s needs through our immersive approach and provide creative, intuitive and innovative sonic elements for any brief.

At our facilities we offer services such as dubbing mixing, multitrack recording, Foley, sound design, voiceover, Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), media transfer and audio restoration for any project one can think of. We also provide location recording and timecode solutions for film sound, radio and more.

We have a qualified in-house audio engineer with over 20 years experience to provide up-to-date advice on audio formats and requirements that one might be expected to meet within Broadcast Industries and various Sound Recording and Reproduction sectors, as well as how best to bring your concept to fruition.

Our studio offers access to a comprehensive selection of gear, software and technical know-how that will allow you to realise your aim, whether it be within the field of phonography, sound art, film, radio broadcast, sound based composition or sound FX.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you realise your vision, or to find out more about what we do, please contact us using the ‘CONTACT’ form that can be accessed via the navigation menu.