Essay for Worby

A Perspective on 20th Century Sound-Based Compositions

2016-04-30 / 0 comments

One of our team here has been studying and talking with the London-based composer, sound artist, writer and broadcaster, Robert Worby. As Karl notes, “It has been an absolute pleasure studying with Rob this last semester. His great insight into music history and composition flows easily from his enthusiastic teaching style. […] He just really…

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Vortex Flow & Turbulence

2015-06-13 / 0 comments

In fluid dynamics, turbulence or turbulent flow is a flow regime characterized by chaotic property changes. In turbulent flow, unsteady vortices appear on many scales and interact with each other. This is because turbulence dissipates rapidly as the kinetic energy is converted into internal energy by viscous shear stress. In this sonic composition, we hear…

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Folding Protein

Folding Proteins

2014-01-20 / 0 comments

Having studied Applied Biology at East London University back in the 1990s, I tend to find that most of my abstract compositions are usually inspired by or stem from math and/or science. Thus, remaining true to my roots, I present an ambient composition that I recently created at the Orange Hut studio, conceived while working…

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© & The Amen Break

2010-07-29 / 0 comments

After recently discussing with members of the PRS and MCPS about how copyright law protects an artist’s body of work… I figured this post was in order, as it refreshes my mind as to why people sometimes lift breaks and beats from other artists’ recordings without any overbearing feeling that they may, somehow, be breaking…

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Lorenz SAPS

A Strange Attraction

2009-06-02 / 0 comments

In honour of the late Edward Lorenz, I proffer the following brief insight into his life’s work… And, by way of a sonic offering, we honour the legacy that he left the worlds of mathematics and science. . . . It is the findings and implications gleaned from Lorenz‘s body of works that has so…

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2006-12-21 / 0 comments

Polynomial was originally formed in 2002 by two friends, Matthew Daughton and Karl Richard. . . . Having originally been introduced to each other by their mutual friend Simon Ng several years prior to the formation of Polynomial, both Matthew and Karl discovered that they shared a deep fondness for the sonic arts. By exchanging…

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